Leaving "town" (said by many to be the prettiest capital in the Caribbean), we drive past the stadium (cricket world cup 2007!) and up the picturesque west coast, rich in history and colour.

Concord Waterfall Grenada Our first stop is Concord Waterfall, a 2 km drive up a leafy lane beside a stream, dotted with Grenadian agriculture: nutmeg, bananas, cocoa, and many other plants of interest.

The nutmeg "pool" in Gouyave is our next stop: you are shown the, processing and sorting of nutmegs and mace. Nutmeg products vary from syrup to massage oil, garden mulch to nail varnish; even a pain-relieving spray.

We continue northward to a magnificent view of Grenada's Grenadine islands, and of the place where the last fighting Caribs committed suicide in 1651, overwhelmed by the prospect of French rule.

Bring cameras with full batteries & empty cards!
Do not leave them in unattended vehicles (which can heat up alarmingly)

Bring sunscreen and insect repellent. You never know when either will strike!

Casual clothing is the rule

We next take you to River Antoine Rum Distillery: the place is as antique (1785) as the rum is strong (75% alcohol - ouch!) It can be hard to believe that the place is a working distillery, not an elderly museum. Despite its antiquity, it is quite well thought-out, and has environmentally-friendly aspects.

By now, you're ready for lunch. Our venue is Belmont Estate: a delightful rural setting, good, varied local food from a buffet; and a cocoa bean fermentary on site. We look forward to the food ourselves.

In the afternoon, we continue through La Poterie and Tivoli, then through Pearls Airport, disused since the Americans 'intervened' in 1983. Today, sheep graze under the remains of two old Soviet-built planes.

After driving through Grenville, Grenada's second biggest town, we set off to the middle of the Island, to the mountainous rainforest, where we stop at Grand Etang crater lake.

Spices can be bought at several of the stops.

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Tour Rating:  / 96