Maybe you have a special interest:
Photography? - Nature / Botany -Industrial archaeology ......

Or maybe you want to see the standard sights, but a different mix from the standard tours. You might want to move at your own pace, to avoid the crowd, or to bring your own crowd. Or you might not be sure how long you want to be out for, and want the option of cutting the day short and going back home. Useful if you have children.
Then hire one of our vehicles with driver.

Set your own agenda, or make it up as you go along.
Use our vehicle and local knowledge.
You pay by the hour, not per person, for the vehicle;
** You are liable for any admission fees & meals en route.
Min. time: normally 4 hours;
Available any day, given notice, but bear in mind that many sites are shut at weekends.

"We came to you because we wanted to get into Grenada 'in some depth', not just to visit as many sites as possible in a day and check them off on a list. We were not disappointed."

Here are some places that we cannot always squeeze into our standard tours, that you might want to visit:
Levera - Annandale & Mt. Carmel waterfalls - Bathway & Levera beaches - Black Bay beach and cave (30 minute walk) - Carib Stone(s)- Clarke’s Court Rum - Dougaldston Estate - Fort Mathew - Gemma’s Eden - Diamond Chocolate Factory - the ‘Petting Zoo’ at Cabier Vision.

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