(Nearly) every Friday evening, the north-western fishing village of Gouyave lets its hair down and turns over a street (and a bit more) to fish stalls.

Under canvas, you can browse among the evening’s catch, served up in a variety of ways: fried fish, grilled fish, BBQ fish, fish balls, fish loaf, fish cakes, fish pies, fish quiche, fish pizza, fish pockets, fish rissoles, fish poached in garlic, fish kebabs, lobster (in season), lambie and more. Somewhere, there’s even sure to be fish ‘n chips. Substantial fish-based meals are available if you didn’t have lunch. What there is depends on what has been caught that day. Of course, there is a wide range of drinks too; some of them seasonal juices.

There is usually live entertainment: drummers or a steel band. It was never designed for tourists, though plenty go. You see ‘real Grenada’; no frills, but scrupulously clean and hugely welcoming. A little town winding down for the weekend; people-watching, ‘liming’. The street is narrow and uneven, and there is not always seating for all. It fills up. This gives it authenticity, and intimacy.

Most guests leave with the feeling that they have experienced a slice of ‘real’ Grenada, and are often almost overwhelmed by the hospitality of the locals. It is enjoyed by just about everyone.

Tour Rating:  / 47