When you come into contact with Sunsation by e mail, by phone, at the airport, in your hotel or on tour, you are likely to come into contact with one or more of the following:

Co-founder, managing director, presiding spirit. Encyclopedic knowledge of all things Grenadian & touristy (and most other things.) Usually to be found flitting around hotels looking after Virgin Holidays guests, in between travel trade fairs abroad.

Increasingly ‘emeritus’. May be in the office or on the road, speaking English or German.
Writes, takes pictures, walks a lot, and forgets things.
Used to be English.
Jane Nurse joined us in April 2017.
Bewilderingly brisk and versatile, she is bilingual (German / English), is a keen environmentalist and an enthusiastic traveller.
One of our most stalwart, philosophical, wry and popular tour guides. He is also responsible for day-to-day maintenance of our vehicles. Married 17.12.05, the marriage arranged by his daughter.
is office-bound. Val holds the purse-strings. She is the firm’s repository of wisdom, wit and common-sense. Presides admirably and painlessly over the rest of us, gets things done.
Andrea (from Hamburg) works with us during the cruise ship time of year, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to port organisation. May leave the office to do a tour or two in German in the high season. Collects penguins.
Will probably be the one to whisk you away from the airport and take you to your hotel. (He lives between the hotels and the airport, so is open to exploitation.) But he knows his way around the Island and its sights as well.
To be found (wo)manning the reception desk at our office.
She is also 'director of operations' at the airport, making sure that you get off to your hotel. She also helps put cruise ship guests onto the right buses. Frighteningly organised, but pleasant with it.
Is a comparative newcomer to Sunsation, but not to tourism or to guiding around Grenada. Easygoing but shrewd, and determined that his guests are well-informed and have a good time.
Has been with Sunsation since the beginning (1990). Knows the island like the back of his hand, and is keen to share it with you. A most accomplished maker of fish broth (and a good deal else.) When not in uniform, shirt and shoe colour match.

IMarcia joined us in 2016. She is the one most likely to respond to your email enquiries and bookings. Holder of an MBA in International Business, she enjoys event planning and collects fridge magnets.

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