If you are looking for a ground handler, by all means DO look further, (you have choice on Grenada), but please keep in mind our values.

We offer a personal service. Since we have our own vehicles, we can collect up to eight passengers per flight from the airport (local regulations mean that we have to put any extra people on taxis), and give assistance if needed (i.e. with lost luggage). All our guests are 'met and greeted' by us, at least.

We are low-key, or high profile, as guests wish. We visit guests in hotels an average of three times a week, if that is what they want. We are not a high pressure sales force dependent on commission, so we are available on guests' terms: frequently, or hardly at all; for a chat, to solve problems... but primarily with the simple intention of seeing that they get the most out of their time here

We are available. Our office is staffed for at least nine hours a day, and it is in the middle of the hotel belt: a 15 minute walk from many hotels. Many guests drop in for a browse and a chat. Outside hours, we really do listen to messages on the' voicemail', and we can call it up from our homes. Obviously, we can be reached by mobile phone too. Although we are a small firm, there are enough of us to cover for colleagues in the case of unavailability.

Tour Operators: we communicate with you. We tell you what is going on in Grenada, (and we hope you will keep us briefed too.) We expect to check your product descriptions, and help you provide an accurate picture of the destination.

We are here to recommend services, but do so on the basis of past customer satisfaction, not (just) of personal preferences.

We are aware that every destination has its deficiencies. We welcome being made aware of Grenada's shortcomings, so that we can lobby for improvements We invite constructive criticism about ourselves, too.

We can offer 'Transfers Only', i.e including 'meet & greet' at the airport; excluding hotel visits & briefing

We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. The treatment your guests receive here reflects on you

Grenada Sunsation Tours - Grand Anse - St. George's - Grenada, W.I. | Phone : (473) 444-1594 / 439 4447 - E-Mail: qkspice@spiceisle.com

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